Jersey Shore Hospital has recently acquired SimMan Essential, a computerized patient simulator that can talk, breathe, blink, generate pulses and more.  This interactive learning tool provides the latest and greatest technology related to patient simulation.


Photo (left to right): Registered Nurses Lori Englert, Barb Wool, and Cathy Gibson highlight SimMan’s extensive lifelike features.

SimMan is a portable lifelike patient simulator used for education and training purposes by hospital staff. Averaging the same height as an adult human being, nurses and staff can check SimMan’s blood pressure, insert chest tubes, catheters, and IVs, and even sustain shocks and resuscitations.

Hospital staff benefit by simulating highly realistic scenarios for the practice of teamwork, communication and patient safety.  Uncommon or infrequent scenarios prepare the staff for unusual cases they may face in real life. SimMan can also be used for ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training.

SimMan was provided to Jersey Shore Hospital from their malpractice insurance carrier as a gift. “We are both thankful and excited to have such a wonderful interactive piece of equipment,” says Barb Wool, manager of staff health education. “SimMan provides us the opportunity to practice life-saving clinical and technical skills without risk to patients. It also improves critical thinking and team communication.”

Equipped with a camera, performances of staff can be monitored, reviewed, and used as learning tools on how to address certain issues.  SimMan comes with numerous pre-programmed patient situations and even has interchangeable parts to simulate a man or a woman. Custom scenarios can also be developed on situations that need improvement.

Barb Wool says, “SimMan is life-like, versatile, and simply an invaluable learning tool that will help us improve upon patient safety, which is our number one priority.”

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