New Portable X-ray

Jersey Shore Hospital Acquires New Portable X-ray System


Cathy Corman, Radiologic Technologist II, performs an X-Ray in the JSH Emergency Department

The GE Optima XR220 AMX digital mobile X-ray system is a self-contained, transportable radiographic unit that is designed for performing bedside radiographic exams when it is not safe or practical to move patients to the radiology department.

High-quality digital images are ready at the patient’s bedside for review in as little as 3 seconds! Once the hospital’s secure Wi-Fi system is detected, images are uploaded immediately to the radiologist for quick reading, thereby reducing wait times.

Jersey Shore Hospital’s new digital x-ray machine also enhances patient safety and image quality. Previously, acquired images had to be processed utilizing the Computer Radiography (CR) readers in the main department. The GE Optima’s digital technology produces clearer high-resolution images almost immediately with a 50% reduction in radiation exposure to the patient. Additionally, this new low dose portable unit’s compact design makes it more versatile and easier to maneuver.

“By interfacing with our existing hospital information systems, our new portable radiographic system allows quicker interpretation for emergent imaging studies,” says Edward Sowul, JSH Radiology Director. “With the improved dose reduction, combined with excellent image quality, smaller size and secure Wi-Fi uploading capability, this machine is perfect to use on both our Inpatients and Emergency Room patients.”

Jersey Shore Hospital prides themselves on patient safety and providing advanced personalized healthcare within reach. Obtaining a state-of-the-art mobile X-ray system is another example of how both patient safety and advanced healthcare are the continued focus of JSH.

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