HD Cellular Analysis Revolutionizes JSH Lab

Today’s hematology laboratories are challenged by ever-increasing pressure to improve productivity, decrease turnaround time and reduce overall costs. Jersey Shore Hospital recently purchased a UniCelDxH800 which is a cellular analysis instrument designed to meet these challenges with unparalleled quality of results, innovative efficiency solutions and revolutionary scalability.

Jersey Shore Hospital lab utilizes this new piece of equipment to deliver accurate and efficient high-definition cellular analysis.

The new instrument features advanced technologies, including high-definition signal processing and multi-angle light scatter, which produce ten times more data than traditional hematology analyzers.  It reads each blood cell 6 different ways.  Moving parts are minimized to reduce costs and increase instrument reliability and technologist safety. The equipment’s modular design and small size make it the ultimate scalable solution for the lab.

Physicians and Laboratory Technologists are impressed with its patented technology. State-of-the-art data acquisition technology gathers significantly more data on each cell than any preceding hematology system.  More information is provided with each result which assists physicians and caregivers with accurate diagnosis.

The Jersey Shore Hospital Lab formulates over 30,000 CBC (complete blood count) tests per year. Having an efficient and accurate hematology analyzer is essential to their operation.  Correlations between their old analyzer and the new machine were done for quality assurance.

“With our new instrument, our hematology lab operates with highly-accurate results, less maintenance, and much less downtime. We are proud to be the first and only ones in the area to have this technology,” said Lisa Smith, Laboratory Administrative Director of Jersey Shore Hospital.

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