Jersey Shore Hospital Acquires New Echocardiography Equipment

Jersey Shore Hospital has recently purchased a new GE Vivid e9 echocardiography machine. Echocardiography (commonly called “echo”) is a painless, non-invasive test that uses sound waves to monitor heart movement.  A “probe” or wand is placed on the patients’ chest with gel that allows the sound waves to create a moving picture of their heart on a computer screen.  Technicians and physicians survey the heart movement and “squeezing” to determine the presence of heart damage, weakness of the heart muscle, and valve problems.

Christine McCracken LPN/Echo Technician of JSH demonstrates the latest features of their new echocardiography machine

Christine McCracken LPN/Echo Technician of JSH demonstrates the latest features of the new echocardiography machine

This equipment offers the latest in high-resolution, digital echocardiography imaging.  It provides 2D and color imaging that can be used for both regular stationary testing and stress echo configurations.  The digital imaging provides excellent quality for physician viewing and interpretation.  Images can be viewed and stored onto DVD’s or can be uploaded to a secure server for remote viewing by the physician at off-site locations.

GE’s EchoPac software enables technicians, nurses, and physicians to view the echo studies offline while providing the same quality as viewing the study directly on the echo machine.  This technology provides clearer, faster results and analysis by a cardiologist.  This process also improves workflow and efficiency.

The unit is lightweight and maneuverable allowing for easier portability and travel to both inpatient and outpatient units within the hospital. Transporting this new unit between departments is now much less cumbersome than the weighty, machines of old.

“Our continued improvement in technology creates an environment that promotes patient health and safety right here in our own community,” said Barbara Wool, RN, MSN, Cardiopulmonary Manager of JSH. “We are proud to be able to offer this service to our patients.”

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