Blood Culture Upgrade

Jersey Shore Hospital acquires new machine for blood culturing

Sepsis is a very serious blood infection that is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Jersey Shore Hospital performs approximately 2,000 tests for sepsis each year. Patients who are diagnosed with Sepsis are usually directly admitted to the hospital.

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith, Laboratory Administrative Director

Jersey Shore Hospital has acquired a new blood culturing machine that detects bacteria in the blood with readings every ten minutes. This new machine, the BD Bactec FX, promotes the early detection and treatment of sepsis. It replaced two machines while increasing flexibility, and doubling capacity.

The BD Bactec FX uses a fluorescent technology, which produces exceptionally accurate results in a timely manner. It also has the capacity to test 100 patient cultures at one time, boasting efficiency and reducing wait times.

Since Sepsis has such a high mortality rate in children under 2 years in age and adults over sixty, early detection and treatment is vital for increasing patient survival.  Thanks to innovative fluorescence technology, a positive result can be detected every ten minutes.

“This new blood culture machine uses fluorescence technology to indirectly measure carbon dioxide released by the bacteria,” said Lisa Smith, Laboratory Administrative Director at Jersey Shore Hospital. “Carbon dioxide molecules react with fluorescent dyes in culture media. The amount of fluorescence emitted is then measured to determine if the culture is positive.”

Adding to its versatility the BD Bactec FX can also detect bacteria in the blood of patients that are currently taking antibiotics. The unique media used in this blood culture system allows for the detection of bacteria even if antibiotic treatment has been started. A positive culture would then alert physicians to possible treatment failures.

Upgrading to accurate and efficient equipment is another way Jersey Shore Hospital strives to provide advanced and personalized healthcare within the reach of the community it serves.

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