Blood Bank Upgrade

Jersey Shore Hospital upgrades Blood Bank with Gel Technology

Jersey Shore Hospital is in the process of standardizing their Blood Bank testing with gel technology.  Gel technology was developed in 1985 and is now the serological standard for many blood banks, most notably the American Red Cross.

Lab Gel Brenda Johnson_403

Brenda Johnson, laboratory technologist, showcases the new blood bank gel technology

This technology is a safe, accurate, and cost-effective solution for the Jersey Shore Hospital Blood Bank where patients’ blood types and antibody status is determined to ensure patients receive compatible blood when transfusions are necessary.

When using the previous traditional method, testing consisted of a 30 step process. This new method will reduce those 30 steps to just nine, thus greatly reducing the possibility of human error.

Results will be standardized, removing the lab professional’s subjective interpretation, and are well defined, consistent, and much easier to read.

“Gel testing increases patient safety because testing requires fewer steps which results in fewer opportunities for error,” said Brenda Johnson, Jersey Shore Hospital Laboratory Technologist. “Gel testing’s standardized methods provide uniform results from tech-to-tech and laboratory-to-laboratory.”

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