Striving for Lean Results

“Lean” is a type of production practice in manufacturing that focuses on efficiency and increasing value, most notably associated with the Toyota Production System.

Similarly, hospitals are beginning to participate in Lean methods associated with healthcare. Recently, Jersey Shore Hospital had 20 employees participate in the reVIEW Program, which was created by healthcare professions to address healthcare-specific challenges such as Emergency Room wait times, bottlenecks in the surgical process, readmissions, or billing.

Over the course of seven weeks, a certified Lean instructor held classes at the hospital where the participants chose a project to apply Lean practices to. Staff learned how to look at situations in a new way—often with the goal of providing the best service at the lowest cost and the highest quality, exactly when the patient needs it.

Carey Plummer, President & CEO

These projects, then presented to the hospital’s senior leaders, are currently being implemented and increasing efficiency throughout the hospital.

“It’s a new way of thinking in healthcare,” said Carey Plummer, President & CEO. “We’re excited to be able to train staff champions who can then implement these improvement projects throughout the hospital and our satellite offices. It’s the new wave of providing better care.”

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