Firework Safety

The summertime is in full swing, and that means it’s time for fireworks. Fireworks are an American tradition that can provide your friends and families with hours of wholesome entertainment. However, it is extremely important to know and understand firework safety and awareness because it is the best way to protect you and others from injuries due to fireworks.

Here are some valuable tips to help keep you, your friends and family safe during the summer months:

  • Never let children handle fireworks. Adults should handle fireworks only. Do not let children play, light, or handle fireworks at any time.
  • Do not drink alcohol and light fireworks. Adults who are coherent and aware of their surroundings should handle fireworks. If you are consuming alcohol, please get a designated “lighter” to handle the fireworks.
  • Follow state and community laws regarding fireworks. You should always follow local and state laws when handling fireworks. Use your common sense. Do not use illegal fireworks as they dramatically increase the risk of injury.
  • Light fireworks in an open, clear area on a hard surface. Do not light fireworks in the grass or gravel. Use a hard surface such as a piece of plywood. Before lighting, make sure the audience is a safe distance away from the fireworks and that there is nothing around that could potentially catch on fire.
  • Keep clear of the fireworks. Never light fireworks with any body part over the firework. After lighting, quickly retreat to a safe distance away to ensure your safety.
  • Use care when lighting fireworks. Never use a match or lighter. Use an extended butane lighting device, such as a phantom pyro-torch, a punk or a flare.
  • Only one at a time. Only light one firework at a time. This will allow you to keep better track of your surroundings and resolve any problems that may occur.
  • Have water close by. Have a bucket of water, hose, and fire extinguisher near by. Designate someone to be the fireman in case of an emergency.
  • Do not use malfunctioning or “dud” fireworks. Malfunctioning or “dud” fireworks should never be re-lighted again. Place them into a bucket of water to ensure that they are safe to dispose of properly.
  • Windy conditions. Be very careful when lighting fireworks in windy conditions. Make sure you light with the wind, but away from audiences and other potential hazards.
  • Safety glasses. Always where safety glasses when lighting fireworks.
  • Storage of fireworks. If you need to store fireworks, do so in a cool, dry place and then dispose of them properly.
  • Purchase fireworks from a reliable dealer. Purchase fireworks from reliable, licensed firework dealers. Do not purchase illegal fireworks or attempt to make your own.

The safest way to enjoy fireworks this summer is to view public displays handled by professionals. If you choose to do your own display, please remember these tips to ensure everyone’s safety.

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