ACO Kickoff Training

Jersey Shore Hospital  launches Accountable Care Organization (ACO) kickoff training to improve the delivery of health care for 1,500 patients. Jersey Shore Hospital successfully  held their ACO kick off meeting  recently.

ACO Experts hosted four thorough training sessions in the JSH boardroom. Over 60 attendees including nurses, physicians, hospital staff, and community members listened to ACO experts explain in detail the benefits of this wonderful program. This partnership is hopeful to provide high-quality, coordinated health care to approximately 1,500 beneficiaries throughout Clinton and Lycoming counties.

Renee Miller, MHA, JSMA Practice Manager

Renee Miller, MHA, JSMA Practice Manager

Community-based Medicare ACOs bring together primary care offices, hospitals, nearby patients, and other organizations to improve health outcomes, quality, and access to care through shared efforts, while helping to reduce healthcare cost growth.

“Through value-based care we  are bringing better healthcare outcomes to our community while improving efficiencies and contributing to the long-term viability of our facilities,” said Renee Miller, MHA, Practice Manager of Jersey Medical Associates. “Through Accountable Care Organization (ACO) initiatives, we will transform care to a “medical home” model which is one that is intended to provide comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with the goal of obtaining maximized health outcomes.”

As Jersey Shore Hospital incorporates the techniques of the medical home model and save Medicare funds paid out on claims, JSH will share up to 50% of the Medicare savings which will support the continuation of this program.

“Chronic diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes are important health issues in the Jersey Shore Hospital service area.  Incidence and mortality rates for these chronic diseases are worse than the state and national average for certain segments of our service area,” said Colleen Yost, LPN, ACO Champion of Jersey Shore Hospital. “Unfortunately,  mortality rates for respiratory disease in Lycoming County are also elevated compared to the state and nation. Our goal is for these chronically ill patients to benefit from this new medical home model.”

The partnership between JSH and Jersey Shore Medical Associates (JSMA) is committed to coordinate high-quality care that is patient and family-centered.   Using numerous tools and resources, they aim to significantly improve the lives of these chronically ill community members and their families.

In addition to reducing redundant testing, educating these patients and their families toward successful self-management of their chronic disease is another important goal which will allow for future independence with their healthcare needs. As educated patients progress through their disease and follow proper recommendations, patients tend to experience better health outcomes.

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