Maybe you’ve seen television commercials that pair women and osteoporosis. Perhaps osteoporosis runs in your family with your Mom and her sisters. Or maybe you’ve heard friends say that osteoporosis is only a woman’s disease.

Don Tressler, PA-C

Don Tressler, PA-C

Well, let the truth be heard: osteoporosis affects both women and men alike. The condition knows no gender, and currently, 44 million American men and women are being treated for the disease.

Let’s start with noting that osteoporosis (or “porous bone”) is a serious and very costly condition in which the bones in the body begin to break down, otherwise known as the loss of bone mineral density. This can eventually lead to the breaking of a hip, spine, or other bone.

Osteoporosis can strike at any age, but those with the greatest risk are the elderly. The National Osteoporosis Foundation states that one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their remaining lifetime.    learn more

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