Vitamin D

The importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming a global health concern affecting about 40 percent of the world’s population (77% in the USA). The health factors that follow decreased vitamin D levels call for more recognition of the harmful effects a deficiency can have on the body.

Lisa Smith, Laboratory Administrative Director

Lisa Smith, Laboratory Administrative Director

“Three years ago, the Institute of Medicine concluded that having too-low blood levels of vitamin D created a health risk, particularly as we age when fracture and fall risks increase,” said Mellissa Smith, Laboratory Administrative Director at Jersey Shore Hospital.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from food, strengthening the bones.  The nutrient is found naturally in fatty fish like salmon and tuna, and in small amounts in mushrooms, cheese, and egg yolks.  The other natural source for Vitamin D is sunshine, which causes the body to make Vitamin D.

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