Graston Technique

JSH Physical Therapy offers Graston Technique
Jersey Shore Hospital offers the Graston Technique (GT) to physical therapy patients suffering from soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue includes muscle, tendon, ligaments and also fascia, a tissue located just under the skin that is a white membrane “support structure” that wraps around and connects the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels of the body. When muscles and fascia aren’t stretched enough, they can become stuck or tear which results in pain, soreness, restricted muscle movement, and reduced flexibility.

Karen Johnson, PT, performing the Graston Technique

GT was designed to detect and treat fascial injuries to provide faster and improved results. The technique features stainless steel instruments built specifically to detect and care for acute and chronic pain.  After a Physical Therapist evaluation, a precise diagnosis and care program with GT can result in reduced treatment time, a faster recovery, a reduction in the need for splints or braces, and an increase in patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes.

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