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HOURS: 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:30am – 9pm
Radiology Hours: Noon - 8pm
Closed only on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Urgent Care at McElhattan near Lock Haven

560 McElhattan Drive
McElhattan, PA 17748

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What is the Purpose of an Urgent Care Center?
An Urgent Care Center treats patients with non-emergent conditions and illnesses. Because an Urgent Care Center is typically open during evening and weekend hours, many people may choose to use an Urgent Care Center when their family doctor does not have office hours, or if they do not have a family doctor. An Urgent Care Center does not require patients to have an appointment; most patients are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the Difference Between an Urgent Care Center and an Emergency Room?
While an Urgent Care Center may seem similar to an Emergency Room in some ways, the biggest difference is the types of conditions and illnesses treated. At an Urgent Care Center, patients with non-emergent conditions are treated. If it’s found that you have an emergent condition when you arrive at the Urgent Care Center, you may be transferred to an Emergency Room for more thorough care. Most conditions treated at an Urgent Care Center do not require more than a quick laboratory test or short x-ray, which is how patients are able to be treated in a more time-friendly manner than you might see in an Emergency Room

What Types of Conditions/Illnesses do You Treat at an Urgent Care Center?

The following are types of conditions and illnesses that are commonly treated in an Urgent Care Center:
• Common cold or flu
• Minor sprains
• Strep throat
• Stomachache
• Sunburns
• Ear infection
• Minor cuts
• Rashes
• Minor burns

When is it NOT Appropriate to Use an Urgent Care Center?
• Chest pain
• Severe abdominal pain
• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
• Sudden dizziness or loss of balance
• Sudden blurred vision
• Numbness in the face, arm or leg
• Sudden, severe headache
• Deep cuts with bleeding that won’t stop
• Coughing up or vomiting blood
• Severe burns
• Seizures
• Pregnancy related problems

In these cases, please call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest Emergency Department.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of My Visit?
In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of visiting an Urgent Care Center and simply charge you a specialty co-pay, but it is your responsibility to check with your own insurance company for limitations and more thorough information.

How Long Will I Have to Wait to be Seen?
At our Urgent Care Center, patients are generally seen on a first-come, first-served basis. While every attempt will be made to see you as quickly as possible, wait times will vary depending on the number of people seeking care and the seriousness of their conditions.

Urgent Care Center Near Jersey Shore, PADoes Your Urgent Care Center have Laboratory and Radiology Services?
Our center does have limited Laboratory and Radiology services, however, they are only utilized for patients who are currently receiving care at the center. For example, if you are being seen at the center for a sore throat, one of our nurses may perform a throat culture on you, which is considered a Laboratory service. If your doctor writes you an order to have Laboratory work completed or have a chest x-ray, you still need to go to your local hospital or clinic. The Laboratory and Radiology services at the center are to only be used for care currently being received.

When is the Urgent Care Center Open?
The Urgent Care Center is open during the times that your family physician would not normally be available. Again, there is no need to make an appointment to be seen at the Urgent Care Center.
Currently, the hours are as follows: 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:30a.m. - 9:00p.m.

What Happens After I Leave an Urgent Care Center?
If you had laboratory or radiology tests performed at the Urgent Care Center, you will be notified of any findings. Your primary care physician will also receive a copy of your treatment record. If you do not have a primary care physician, we will help you find one for follow-up care.

What Types of People Work in an Urgent Care Center?
At our Urgent Care Center, patients are seen by competent, licensed providers. Supervising physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, radiology technologists and laboratory technologists are a few of the people who may help facilitate your care.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please call the Urgent Care Center at 570-263-4042.

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