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Tiadaghton Health Center
Physical & Occupational Therapy, JSMA Physician Offices, Laboratory & Radiology

Tiadaghton Health CenterTiadaghton Health Center
Clinton Lanes Bowling Complex
529 High Street, Suite 2
Lock Haven, PA 17745
Phone: 570-748-8034

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What is Tiadaghton Health Center?
Tiadaghton Health Center is an outpatient physical & occupational therapy, laboratory, radiology, and physician offices owned and operated by Jersey Shore Hospital. Our new facility allows us to offer the best possible patient care in an efficient and timely manner located in the Clinton Lanes Bowling Complex: 529 High Street, Suite 2, Lock Haven.

Diagnostic Laboratory
A physician's order must accompany all requested testing. Testing takes place during normal business hours, however, the following tests requires an appointment:

Glucose Tolerance Testing
Only gestational screens are available at this collection site. Please call the Jersey Shore Hospital’s Main Laboratory at 570-398-5277 for an appointment if your physician has ordered any other tolerance testing. 
• Gestational Screening (requires approximately 1 1/2 hours in lab) - NO FASTING REQUIRED

Special Testing Notes
• Cholesterol and fasting glucose (blood sugar testing) require an 8-hour fasting period - No food or drink, except water.
• Lipid profile testing (Cholesterol, Triglyceride LDL and HDL Cholesterol) require a 14 hour fasting period - No food or drink, except water.

Physical Therapy
Our Tiadaghton Physical Therapy team specializes in providing “hands on” care in a variety of conditions that include:
• Tendonitis/bursitis 
• Shoulder and knee surgery rehabilitation
• Sprains 
• Sports related injuries 
• Fracture rehabilitation
• Muscle strains
• Arthritis and joint injuries
• Total joint replacement rehabilitation 
• Work related injuries
Appointments are available by calling 570-748-8034

Tiadaghton offers many routine Radiology services and appointments are not necessary. 
Tests may include:
• Chest X-Ray 
• Spine/Lumbar 
• Extremities (hand, wrist, legs, feet, etc.) 
• Abdomen 
• Facial/Skull
Mammograms, CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine testing are not performed at Tiadaghton, but you may call Jersey Shore Hospital for a convenient appointment (570) 398-1440.

If you have any questions, please contact Tiadaghton Health Center at 570-748-8034.

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