Safe Haven

Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital is a designated "Safe Haven" for newborn babies.

Safe HavenWhat is a Safe Haven?
The "Safe Haven" program allows mothers or fathers of newborn babies leave their unharmed babies in the care of hospitals without penalties. The infant must be under 28 days old.

Will I have to give any information?
No, the program is completely confidential and no questions are asked. You are not obligated to provide us with any information but health information for the baby would be helpful.

What will happen to the baby?

Our physicians will give the baby a complete physical exam. Once it is established that the baby is in good health, the Department of Children and Youth Services will be contacted to take the baby to a safe and healthy environment.

Safe HavenHow do I give the baby to the "Safe Haven"?
Please hand the baby to any Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital employee (can be identified by name badge) who will see that the baby is taken immediately to the Emergency Department for the doctor to examine. If you are not comfortable handing the baby to an employee, Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital has infant safety seats located at the Emergency Room entrance and the Main Lobby entrance on Thompson Street. Place the baby in the infant seat and secure the safety straps. Push the buzzer by the infant seat or notify any Hospital employee (can be identified by name badge) and tell them there is a baby in the infant seat. The staff member will take the appropriate steps to ensure the baby's safety and will not attempt to interfere with you.

Your Health is Important Too!
The health of any mother who has recently given birth is very important. Please take a brochure from the infant seat that explains what you should watch regarding your health following the birth of a child. If you choose, you may receive proper medical care in our Emergency Department and you will not be required to identify yourself or answer questions. It would be helpful to advise our staff regarding any health problems you have experienced but it is not necessary.

For more information about the Safe Haven please call this completely confidential
and toll free number at 1-866-921-SAFE (7233) or click here.

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