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Patient Concerns/Complaints/Grievances

You and/or your family are encouraged to openly communicate with your physician and other caregivers to resolve questions and concerns. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your care, you are encouraged to express complaints/issues/grievances to a caregiver of the director of the department providing the service. Other available means for reporting are patient care evaluations, compliance report forms, patient concern/complaint forms and the ethics hotline. Be assured that this process is welcome and you need not fear that there would be any retaliation for institution this action. The voicing of an issue or grievance by you and/or family will never compromise your current or future access to care.

Patient Information - Jersey Shore HospitalJersey Shore Hospital employees are trained to respond by taking appropriate action to immediately resolve your issue or communicating the concern to the department director. If you have a particular problem that has not been resolved, dial “0” and request to speak with the Department Director involved, or the Administrator and if you prefer, you may submit your concern in writing. The investigation, evaluation, corrective action and patient notification of your verbal or written concern will be completed within 7-30 days. The patient notification will include the name of a contact person.

If you have a concern that has not been resolved or desire to report this concern to a government agency, you may write or call:

Pennsylvania Department of Health
Acute and Ambulatory Care Services
PO Box 90
Harrisburg, PA 17108-5164

When you have any concerns about patient care and safety in the hospital that we have not addressed, you are encouraged to contact Administration. If these concerns cannot be resolved through the hospital, you are encouraged to contact the Joint Commission. The public may contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints about a Joint Commission accredited healthcare organization by either calling 1-800-994-6610 or emailing¬†

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