Jersey Shore Hospital

Fit Testing

The Purpose of Fit-Testing: Respirators are designed to reduce a worker's exposure to airborne contaminants. Respirators come in various sizes and must be individually selected to fit the wearer's face and to provide a tight seal. Respirators offer the best protection for workers who must work closely with people who have influenza-like symptoms. Influenza viruses are thought to be transmitted primarily by droplets through the air and contact with contaminated srufaces; it is prossible that transmission could also occur by small particulates.

JSH Fit-Testing is administered using an OSHA-accepted qualitative fit test protocol by the Employee Health Services Nurse. The employee will be tested with a health care particulate respirator.

Annual Fit-Testing is determined by the first letter of your last name, as follows:

January - A , B
February - C
, D
March - E
, F
April - G
, H
May - I , J
June - K
, L
July - M
, N
August - O
, P
September - Q , R , S
October - T
, U
November - V
, W
December - X
, Y , Z

Call the employee health services nurse at 570-398-0100 ext. 4244 to schedule your Fit-Test appointment.

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