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Geisinger Jersey Shore Swing BedWhat is the Bridges Swing Bed Program?
The Bridges Program at Geisigner Jersey Shore Hospital is designed to meet the individual, rehabilitative needs of our guests recovering from an illness, injury or surgical procedure.
The Bridges Swing Bed program provides assistance in daily living activities based on the needs of the individual. For those who have just had surgery, an activity room is available to practice everyday tasks such as getting in and out of bed, using stairs, and even cooking.

From an acute hospital stay to going home, the Bridges Swing Bed program fills the gap when further recovery periods are needed.

Swing Bed is right for a loved-one or myself if we have...

  • Hip or knee surgery
  • Wound care needs
  • Long-term antibiotic therapy
  • Post sugical procedures
  • Any acute hospital stay that may require a longer recovery period

What can I expect from my stay?

  • Quality, rehabilitative care with hospital resources and a personal care team
  • Your individualized care plan will provide you with physical, occupational and speech┬átherapies, a dedicated nursing team, social services and dietetic assistance.



Will my insurance cover Bridges?
Medicare, as well as many private insurance plans covers your stay at Bridges Swing Bed. Our staff can answer any questions you have concerning your insurance coverage.

For more information regarding Bridges, please call (570) 398-3192. We will be happy to discuss how our Care Team can help you regain independence. For referral or admissions information, please contact our Utilization Case Management department.

The Bridges Program at Jersey Shore Hospital


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